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About the Studio

Sunlight of the Spirit Yoga Studio has 600 square feet of practice space. There are lots of windows which means if there’s sunshine outside, there’s sunshine inside. At night or on a dreary day, our adjustable lighting sets the appropriate ambiance.

mast-bg-e3The floor is one of the most important features of any yoga studio, and ours is lovely wide bamboo planks. Hardwood is the best surface for asana (yoga postures) and fast growing bamboo is the most sustainable hardwood. We do try to be environmentally and socially responsible. The studio attempts to function in alignment with the Yamas and Niyamas (the ethical precepts of yogic philosophy).

Although we do have a plethora of windows, we were careful to reserve plenty of empty wall space. Many of our teachers make use of the walls; they’re a great tool for alignment and support at all levels of practice. And speaking of tools for alignment and support, we have a wealth of fabulous props to enrich your experience here.

Sunlight Studio 010In addition to the practice space, we also have a reception area where you’ll find a variety of items for sale. Some are commercially produced and feature our logo, but most are handmade items individually crafted by members of the Sunlight community. Jewelry, including malas, soaps, oils, candles, greeting cards, artwork, knitting and embroidery are among the treasures you’ll find.

As lovely as our space is, even more beautiful is the positive energy generated by holding space for the Sunlight community. Everyone, each teacher, each student, each workshop presenter ~ everyone brings something unique and valuable to Sunlight. We feel blessed to be part of this community, and we invite you to join us!