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Reiki is a style of energy healing. It’s a pleasant, refreshing experience. The client is generally on a massage table. The stage may be set with tranquil music, lighting, and aromatherapy. The Reiki practitioner’s hands are usually close to, or lightly touching, the client’s body. Healing can happen at the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, or spiritual level.

​We have four practitioners, each with different training and experience. You can find out more about each practitioner’s unique approach by clicking their name below.

rocks-floorDiane trusts deeply that each of us has an internal guru ~ that everything we need is already within us ~ that we only need to learn to listen to the quiet voice within. Diane assists people with the process of recognizing to their own energetic essence. In Vedic terms, awakening them to their Pranamaya Kosha.

Energy flows through the chakras, and Diane focuses her energy healing practice on the chakras. Client’s leave with information on the chakras and how to keep their chakras toned and balanced. The goal is to maintaining the benefits derived from the Reiki session.

A Reiki session with Diane lasts between 45 minutes and an hour and costs only $50.

Click here to schedule a Reiki session with Diane.

cory1Cory always had an interest in Reiki, but didn’t experience it until the summer of 2013. She went to a local health & wellness fair and received a chair session from a friend who was a Master teacher. After the session, she knew there was something truly special and healing behind this practice. She saw there was a training and in September of 2013 was certified in Level 1. The following month she was certified in Level 2. Her teacher said she had a gift and offered her a scholarship for the Master training. So in January 2014, Cory’s Master training was completed.

Cory studied with Jennifer Hondru-Celestin from Montclair Healing Works in the Usui tradition in the Mikao Usui lineage.

She knows that the idea of Reiki can be out there for some, so in her sessions she encourages clients to have an open mind and to understand that it’s their own energy doing the healing and her hands are just a guide. So be prepared to relax and let your body work it’s magic.

Reiki sessions with Cory last an hour and cost $85. Discounts are available when multiple sessions are purchased as a package.

Click here to schedule a Reiki session with Cory.


Dara is a certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher. An intuitive and empathic healer, Dara focuses on unlocking and re-balance of energy throughout the entire body. This allows the clients self-healing energetic system to work as it is meant to and is useful in restoring physical as well as emotional health.

Dara is a natural healer who has always been energy sensitive. Even prior to Reiki training, Dara was able to channel energy and helped several friends to feel either less pain/discomfort, or reduced stress and reportedly increased their sense of well-being. This led Dara to seek formal Reiki training which has attuned her skills and makes it extremely beneficial for her clients.

Dara has also been successful in practicing distance Reiki healing.

1-hour sessions with Dara are $85. Discounted packages are available.

Dara continues her tradition of offering a complementary 30-minute session to first time clients so they may become acquainted with Reiki and with her.

Click here schedule a Reiki session with Dara.